This is what Clarusys can do for you..

This is what Clarusys can do for you..

Considerable incentives such as Federal and State Tax credits are available for installing PV Solar Power Generation Systems on your commercial establishments and homes in all 50 states. If you pay a utility bill, you qualify for Solar Power rebates and Federal/state incentives/tax credits that may enable you to recover the major cost of a commercial solar system over time and up to 30% of your residential system’s cost.

Federal Recovery Plan 2009 has created a unique opportunity for you to save money on a renewable energy system generating electricity with photovoltaic panels. In an effort to encourage you to install a photovoltaic (PV) system, the Federal Government and some states are giving tax credits. However, you need to hurry before these incentives are reduced by the end of 2019 and completely expire in another 2-3 years. To get tax credits details, call us or e mail us your electric bill and contact information today.

Clarusys Inc. has specialized in design, engineering, integration and installation of commercial and residential solar energy systems. Clarusys has its own CR-11 license and the Installations are undertaken by our trained  and experienced electricians. We provide & process all paperwork that is needed to get rebates/incentives for cost reductions and utility company interconnections. Clarusys will help you to:

  • Receive 30% of the installed cost in Federal Tax credits within 60 days of installation for PV Solar system installed on Commercial and residential establishments.
  • Any other incentives in a specific state

Financing: Clarusys has partnered with major financing institutions for financing residential and Commercial Solar systems:

  • Residential: 0 down, 0% interest and no payment for up to 12 months, programs available.
  • Commercial: 0 down and 100% financing at low interest rate. 5/7 years term are available.
  • Green Houses: We can get complete, Commercial solarized Greenhouse project financed